Here's Hope Baptist Church

A Safe Harbor of God's Love



Our vision for worship is that each Sunday will be a transformational encounter with God that leads our members into such a daily dependence upon Him that God will work supernaturally through them.

We believe that we must cultivate and conduct dynamic worship services that are encounters with the awesomeness of God.  We do this by permitting the Holy Spirit to encounter us in our services through testimonies, words of praise and encouragement, and congregational participation in prayer.  

We understand that music is not a question of whether we should use contemporary or traditional music, but rather, how we engage in our encounter with God.  Worship is not for "us" but rather for God.  Worship is an opportunity to give ourselves to God and to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to Him.

Because of this value that we hold in worship, we embrace a number of worship styles and instruments.  Sometimes we use country gospel, other times contemporary praise, and occasionally we will even up-beat hymns to produce a vibrant worship atmosphere.  Other times we will build a sacred and solemn atmosphere to fit the occasion.  We are always open to new musical and vocal talent to lead us into God's presence.

Our Values of worship:

1. Presence Driven - We desire to seek and embrace the Presence of God as we gather together in corporate worship. (Isaiah 6:1-8)

2. Participatory - Worship is not an passive, spectator activity, but one where we actively engage and participate in the act of Worship.  (1 Cor 14:26)

3. Prompted by the Holy Spirit - Whether the service is choreographed or spontaneous, the leadership of the Holy Spirit is essential both in the planning and in the actual conduct of worship. 



Our God is an Awesome God!